Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fairytale Memories by Heidi Ann Photography

I would like to introduce you to Heidi Belville. Many of you returning members know and love Heidi already, but some of our new moms may not. Heidi was one of the first people to welcome me to MOPS when I first showed up. She showed me where to drop of my kids, where to go, and was so very real and friendly. What I love most about Heidi Belville, is that she is always up for new adventures, crazy fun, normal, cool and a real mom all at the same time. She is also a very talented photographer. Heidi is a wife and mother to two adorable children.

For four years now, Heidi has been offering her photography skills as a fundraiser to benefit MOPS. Here is a link to her website Go visit her site, check out her awesome work, and give her some love!

Here's the skinny on the Fundraiser:
1. Heidi will be taking photos from 9-3 on November 7th at our Holly Days Craft Fair.
2. Tickets are $10. That is the ticket purchasers sitting fee and they also receive one 8x10. (That whole ten dollars in turn goes directly to MOPS!)
3. Heidi then sends and email and ticket purchasers have a chance to view their photos and order more prints. Heidi also offers Christmas cards and they will be delivered in time for Christmas.
4. For those of you that had pictures taken last year, Heidi would like you to know that she has a new background this year!

Here's what we need you to do:

1. Sell tickets for $10 (neighbors, church members, grandparents that might want to buy a ticket for their grandchildren, yourself, anyone who could benefit from Christmas pictures at a very affordable price)
2. Keep ticket stub and turn in with the $10 to Karen at the next MOPS meeting (She's that beautiful/friendly mom who sits at the registration table aka as our Finance Coordinator!)
3. Have ticket purchasers call the number on their ticket to schedule a time for their portraits on November 7 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. (Don't forget to tell them about our craft fair that will be going on at the same time and that they are welcome to browse. More info on our craft fair coming soon.)
4. If you have someone you would like to invite to buy a ticket but will not be able to sell them a ticket in person, have them call 928-310-8867 (me) to schedule a portrait appointment and they can purchase their ticket at the craft fair. However, we would like to sell most tickets beforehand.
5. Heidi will also be selling tickets at our meeting on October 20th.
6. Scroll down for more samplings of Heidi's work from last year! (Anybody recognize their own kids?)

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