Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let me see inside your purse!

Here you go! Only I didn't picture the pink undies I keep in my purse "just in case" lol, and yes that is a sticky eyeball I have no idea why it is still in my purse ha ha!

(Sarah C's entry. I have seen those pringles in her purse with my own eyes. All the cool moms' have snacks and sticky eyeballs in their purse.)

potty protectors
baby's extra outfit
3 fast food toys
2 notebooks
make up case
peek device and cover
playing cards
coupon for old navy

(Lisa B's entry. Cute purse! All the cool moms' have potty protectors in their purse.)

Huge pile of trash/receipts
sunscreen spf 100 (I'm really trying to be better about putting sunscreen on my kids and self.)
my kids' purse (Why can't anyone carry their own stuff?)
headphones that don't go to anything in my purse
lipstick case (it actually has gloss and lip balm 'cause I don't think I've worn lipstick in years)
sun glass case
smashed plum (it may or may not have been in my purse for 4 days)
webkinz code
costco card
business cards
pile of random nothings!

(Michele S's entry. In case you were wondering, I threw the plum away and cleaned my purse. All the cool moms' DO NOT have rotting fruit in their purse.)

Okay…in no special order:

1. $12 Obnoxiously Yellow Emergency Purse from Target.

2. Flip Flop Ribbon (because I have daughters and one never knows when you need to ‘fancy them up’)

3. Fidget Toy (because I have a hard time keeping still in church and this enables me to listen)

4. Reading Glasses (because I am in my mid-forties and reading glasses are now a mandatory accessory)

5. Little Red Bag (that holds many of the odds and ends that are scattered around the photo)

6. ‘Popsicles’ (if you don’t know why, I can’t help you)

7. Lotion

8. Various Receipts…dinner out, gas, unmentionables…

9. 2-Year-Calendar

10. Checkbook

11. Bright Red Wallet (for easy location within obviously overstuffed purse)

12. Bottled Water (one never knows when you’re going to need to ration)

13. Baggie of Hair Stuff (again, I have daughters)

14. Hair Putter-Upper (I’ve no idea what that thing is called)

15. Fresh Wipes Packet (see reason for #6)

16. Keys

17. Seam Ripper (you’d be surprised how often this comes in handy

18. Tweezerman…the BOMB of tweezers!

19. Organic Ginger Chapstick

20. Sample Lip Glosses…thanks, mom

21. 81¢

22. Penny Stamped at Denver Aquarium (it is wrong to spend fifty cents to have a penny stamped. But it’s still cool)

23. Hair Clips

24. Fake Diamond Earrings

25. Ear Plugs

26. Ibuprofen

27. Assorted pencils, pens, eraser

28. Sharpies. A mother must NEVER travel w/out these

29. Gas Reliever (see explanation #4 and exchange Reading Glasses for Gas Reliever)

30. Skin Glue (a MUST for the winter…obviously I don’t frequently change out my purse – or at least the Little Red Bag)

31. Hairband

32. Pill Box (filled w/all sorts of goodies)

33. Newman’s Own Organic Ginger Mints

34. Trash

35. Blackberry (currently ringing…but I was too involved to answer it)

36. ***Sadly, my sunglasses were on my head when I took this…or they would’ve been in their usual spot amidst my junk.

(I knew I could count on Denise Y to have some awesome stuff in her purse! All the cool moms' have gas reliever. P.s. I can't believe your purse holds all that stuff!)

my purse's contents! wallet makeup case pencil case (taco) keys lotion jump drive lip gloss ponytail holder 3 receipts movie ticket old grocery list altoids tin(i put my ear buds in it) contact and glasses case usually my phone but i used it for the pic..

(Heather G's entry. Notice her lotion says grace. As in, her husband is the youth pastor at Grace! Why do I find that so funny? All the cool moms' have zippered tacos in their purse. What's in the taco, Heather?)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Consignment Sale free pass for MOPS at Grace Moms!

This is a free pass for MOPS moms to this consignment sale. Just right click on the picture above, save it to your computer and print it out! For more information go to their site

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I want to see inside your purse.

I came across this blog today and had a great idea. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. I'm sure you'll agree its a wonderful idea. Nobody has nothin' on what MOPS moms have in their purses. Let's do our own MOPS version. Who wants to play?

Empty the contents of your purse and photograph them and send them to me. (Me being Michele, in case you have no idea who writes this blog.) My email address is staples underscore michele AT yahoo DOT com. (Have you ever wondered why people spell out their email address? Apparently if you write it like a normal email address spamers can get your address. Aren't you glad you have me around?) I will then post them here on our blog for all the MOPS moms to see. There may be a prize for the most outrageous contents.

On your marks, get set, GO TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR PURSE NOW! If you don't I might loose my sanity. It's the last few weeks before school starts and my kids might be driving me crazy. My sanity is counting on you.