Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MOPS info

First off, I just wanted to plug the pictures one more time. We need at least 11 more scheduled photo appointments. Is there anyone who has been meaning to call to schedule and hasn't? Call me now at 928-310-8867. Or email me at staples_michele@yahoo.com. If you just ask one person you know to buy a $10 ticket, we can have all of our time slots filled. Is there a neighbor who you could ask, or someone at your AWANA's. I know it's hard to sell things sometimes, but this is such an amazing opportunity for awesome pictures of your kids at a very affordable price. We need to have these slots filled in the next few days!!!

Anybody else leave in such a rush for MOPS, that your house looks like this when you get home? Ladies there are pieces of bread on my floor. Like half eaten bread. Gross! But totally worth the wonderful morning I had at MOPS today. Thank you all for coming.
Thank you Pastor Potter for speaking on "Stepping Out of our Comfort Zones" today. Sometimes taking small children to Target can be the biggest way-out-of-our-comfort-zone experiences of our life. Amen?

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