Monday, April 18, 2011

Only two meetings left!!

Wow, this year has gone by so fast. After tomorrow's meeting we only have two meetings left! Can you believe it? Before you get sad and are wondering what to do with your little ones this summer, we have summer events. Summer events do not have childcare but are usually fun things to do with our little ones. Things we have done in the past are zoo trips, spray park trips, and park play dates. So keep a look out for the summer activities.

On May 3rd, our next meeting, the steering team is having an Appreciation Luncheon for our Moppets workers. It's something we do for them every year to honor and thank them for taking such good care of our kiddos. It's going to be after our meeting and all you have to do if provide a little thank you gift for them from you or your kiddos. I will have a gift bag for every Moppets worker with their name on it and you can put your little gift in that bag. We will then present their bags at the luncheon. Good ideas for gifts: hand written notes from you and your child, homemade gifts or crafts, and the dollar store has great coffee cups or notepads. A list of names of the workers and the age groups they work in will be posted below and emailed to you. Find the class your child is in and the names of the workers will be underneath.

Nursery: Barbara, Eileen, Jo
Toddlers: (younger class): Becky, Phyllis
Toddlers: (older class) Denise, Jennifer
Two's: Jennifer, Connie
Three's: James, Carol
Four and Fives: Gloria, Julia
Homeschool: Carol

Thank you for taking the time to make and pick up little gifts for our childcare workers. They really love and feel appreciated when they get them. We are really blessed with wonderful Moppets workers.

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