Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Meeting

Each year, we try to make the meetings closest to Christmas and Mother's Day special.  These are special times of the year for us as mothers, so it makes sense to pamper ourselves at these meetings.

So, today we had a few special things.  First, during the beginning of the meeting, we had live piano music played by the husband of one of our moms.  It was such a blessing to have the live music that created a festive atmosphere.  Then, we had a crepe bar (plus a few other items) for our food.  With a mix of sweet and savory toppings, there was something for everyone.  And to wash down that elegant brunch, we had coffe, rich hot chocolate, and spiced apple cider.  Add the festive (paper) dishes, and it was almost like being at a fancy restaraunt!

After a little bit, we did our coffee mug exchange.  Each mom brought a mug (or used a donated one), and then placed it in a brown paper bag to mask the style.  Then our creative leader read a Christmas story with a twist.  Added into the story were the words "RIGHT" and "LEFT."  When one of these was read, we rotated the mugs around our table in that direction.  There were a few points where the tables were abuzz with movement!  Once the story was over, we got to open our bags and see the mug we got.

Then it was time for some table mix ups.  Our coordinator read of a question and four responses.  Each response corresponded to a table.  Once the question and responses were read, we moved to the "correct" table for a chance to talk with other moms.  We switched tables three times, using questions about morning needs, sports, and how early you go to bed.  It was a great chance to meet and talk with moms that aren't in your small group (or you haven't had a chance to sit with otherwise). 

We also had a special devotion delivered by the senior pastor of Grace Church.  Pastor Edwin shared about the Wise Men and how they came to Jesus.  First, they were welcomed by Mary and Joseph, even though they were foreigners.  Just like them, all are welcome to enter into the body of Christ, regardless of their past.  Matthew is a great example of a disciple that came from a sorid past (tax collector) and was still welcomed by Christ.  Second, they came with questions.  It is okay to doubt or question our faith.  We are to come with questions at times, because none of us know all of the answers.  Thomas is a great example of a disciple that often had questions, appropriately nicknamed "Doubting Thomas." 

Pastor Edwin also gave us a few important reminders as moms.  First, time goes fast.  So take the time to enjoy the moments when the kids are young.  Second, record the details!  Putting things like dates and names on pictures and ornaments will be helpful as you get older (you won't remember the details even if you think you will).  And finally, enjoy the season!

A few announcments for the rest of December (more information can be obtained by emailing us):
Craft Night on December 13 from 7-9pm
Cookie Exchange on December 17 from 9:30-12 (kids welcome)

Our first meeting of 2014 will be January 7!

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