Monday, March 11, 2013

Last Two Meetings - Two AMAZING Guest Speakers!

Our last two meetings we had two amazing speakers.  The first was on February 19.  We had Sarah Beckmand from Salt and Clay Ministries.  Her presentation was on SAFEguarding your marriage.  The big keys are to spend time with your husband and actually engaging in conversation!  Yes, our kids are very important, but our marriage needs time as well. 

Last week (March 5), we had Cory Ledford, and financial consultat, to speak to us on Growing Money-Smart Kids.  He was able to give us ideas for teaching our kids about money, saving, and wise spending from birth through the college years.  It is never to early to start showing and teaching our kids about money, providing them the financial literacy they will need to make wise decisions later in life.

Our next meeting (March 19) we will have a fun craft as well as so ideas for Easter activities to teach your kids the salvation message.

Also, we have a playdate scheduled for March 26 as well as a Moms' Night Out on March 22.  For more information on these, you can email us!

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