Friday, October 15, 2010

Helpful hints for Moms!

I have lost my brain since giving birth to my four little wonders. I'm sure some of you can relate?! I'm forget full and disorganized. In an attempt to clean up the clutter in my head, I've been searching online for some organizational help. Here are few links or printables I found and thought I would share:

1. Martha Stewart printable freezer labels CLICK HERE FOR LINK
2. Birthday reminder list! CLICK HERE FOR LINK (I get my kids' birthdays mixed up, don't get me started on friends and family!)
3. Meal planning and shopping list PDFs from CLICK HERE FOR LINK
(We talked a little bit about coupons last year in MOPS and this was a site we gave you. She shares helpful tips on how to save money grocery shopping.

I feel a little more organized already? Five gold stars for the mom that can tell me where our brains go once we give birth.

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  1. The pregnancy hormones literally shrink our brains!